Our company


Our experience manufacturing Automotive Exhaust Systems in the After-market as well as for Original Equipment is coming from 1972. From this good work is when in 2008 is created Belegost Enterprise S.L. with the only purpose of giving an answer exclusively to the After-market.

In this way our Manufacturing is intended mainly to specialists of big chains of distribution and wholesalers all over the world.

Considering the synergies produced by these clients, our Manufacturing is focused in the high rotation and the most popular product in the market, what brings a very competitive price originated by the big production series.

The Production systems are based on the Regulation ISO 9001 and our Product complies with the European Regulations of Homologation for After-market Product, based on Directive e9/70/157.96/20



Noaín-Pamplona: 35 Km
Madrid: 370 Km
Barcelona: 430 Km
Bilbao: 190 Km
Valencia: 450 Km


Belegost Enterprise S.L
Poligono Industrial La Nava
Calle D- Nº2
Tfno: 948 712 074 - 948 740 088
Email: belegost@belegost.es

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